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I'm a Machine Learning Engineer, Teacher, Consultant, and a Freelancer. And I'm here to Help You with your Machine Learning Needs.

Be it extracting value out of your data, implementing state of the art algorithms. I am here to guarantee results for your projects. With 4 years of cumulative experience as an Engineer, Data Scientist and a Teacher, I have worked on a multitude of areas ranging from Computer Vision to Natural Language Processing.

See below for some of my previous works or you can also download my resume. If you just want to say hi, reach me via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Would love to hear from you 🙂 .

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Radnet PyPi Package

Software Package for Radiologists.

Retinanet Google AI

Keras Package for Object Detection.

Packt Deep Learning

Deep Learning for Secret Agents.

Mukesh Web Development
Web Development

A Collection of Web Development Projects.

Mukesh Open Source GitHub
Open Source

A Collection of Open Source Projects.

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AI Adhiraiyan Blog

A Blog on Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning is just a subset of the broader AI field. This blog contains topics ranging from known deep learning to the broader AI principles. Read More to find out about the blog and about all topics covered.

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DL with Tensorflow 2.0
Deep Learning with Tensorflow 2.0


Practical Exercises in Tensorflow 2.0 for Deep Learning.

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I met Mukesh during his internship and we had the opportunity to work together. He has a very strong work ethic, he is hard working and a fast learner. The work we were doing was completely new to him but he was able to catch up pretty fast and is now running the project on his own.

Antonio Rueda Toicen
Lead Engineer

I think Mukesh has a great teaching style in which he uses stuff from different sources and combine into a simplified version. He has a very unique way of teaching in the sense that he uses the internet as a source to teach things for each lesson. More than teaching, he is also a great mentor and always pushes us to achieve more. So overall, I have a fun and enriching time learning from him.

Siu Nam Kam
Thinkful Student

I hired Mukesh as a Freelancer to build a BigGAN for my startup. He finished the work before time and he went the extra mile and added things that I wasn't thinking of. I was aware that he hasn't done the same exact work but I gave him a chance based on his past projects and he exceeded my expectations.

Finnian MacManus
Concept Artist


I’m currently available for freelance work. If you have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey, then get in touch.