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I'm a Machine Learning Engineer and the Founder of ADhiraiyan AI Solutions. At ADhiraiyan AI Solutions, we specialize in helping small to medium scale startups deploy end to end Machine Learning Solutions in the field of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

With 3+ years of experience as a Machine Learning Engineer, I specializes in building Object Recognition, Object Detection, Optical Character Recognition, and general Natural Language Processing related products. I am also well versed in Full-Stack Web Development.

Outside of work, I love mentoring aspiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. I have mentored more than 30 students from various backgrounds who are currently working as Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers.

  • Name: Mukesh Mithrakumar
  • Email: mukesh@mukeshmithrakumar.com

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Post 2018

MSc. in Data Science & Machine Learning

Imperial College London and HSE

Non Degree Seeking Student

Courses: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Mathematics for Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing


BSc. in Physics, Emphasis on Electrical Engineering

South Dakota State University

Courses: Intro to Embedded Systems, Linear Circuit Analysis, Digital Systems, Quantum Mechanics, Automatic Controls, Mathematical Physics, Intro to Flights, Thermodynamics, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Intro to Logic, Electromagnetism, Solid State Physics, Linear Algebra, Scientific Computation, Algorithms.


Machine Learning Engineer

Data Science Retreat

Led the team that developed an open source end to end object segmentation software package using PyTorch to assist radiologists in the evaluation of lesions in CT and MRI scans for multiple organs.


Computational Research Assistant

South Dakota State University

Founder and Machine Learning Engineer

ADhiraiyan AI Solutions

• Designed and deployed multiple end to end Machine Learning models for early-stage startups. Most Recent Project:
o Built a scalable web app where you can Search and Summarize research papers, ask questions about the paper and get answers through a Chatbot using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for frontend, node.js and python for backend, S3 for storage, API Gateway to route traffic, ElasticBeanstalk for load balancing, Lambda functions for preprocessing, SageMaker for hosting the BERT summarizer and AWS Lex for the chatbot.

• Advise founders, product managers and data scientists on framing machine learning problems within the business context and optimize for critical business metrics.


Data Science Mentor

Thinkful & Springboard

• Mentor and coach mid-career professionals participating in Thinkful & Springboards’ Data Science Program on technical topics, approaches, best practices in data science and fundamental software engineering principles.


Electrical Design Engineer

Bobcat Company

Physics Teaching Assistant

South Dakota State University


My Skills

Programming Languages, Deep Learning & Machine Learning Frameworks, Database Management and Web Development Skills.














Open Source Projects

Big Data and Machine Learning: The Technologies shaping our life.


Software Package for Radiologists.

Tensorflow Scientific

Tensorflow Scientific Package


Keras Package for Object Detection.


ADhiraiyan AI Blog

A Blog on all things Artificial Intelligence.

April 1, 2019 Admin 5

What it means to have Artificial Intelligence

Answers to, What is Intelligence? What is Artificial Intelligence? How old really is AI? and more.

May 7, 2019 Admin 11

Computer Vision: Basic Image Processing

Answers to, Why do we need to process images? Where are the source of errors and image defects? How can we improve low image contrast? and more.

May 19, 2019 Admin 11

Deep Learning With TF 2.0: 02.00- Linear Algebra

Learn about Eigendecomposition, Singular Value Decomposition, The Moore-Penrose Pseudoinverse and more.

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