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I'm a Sr. Machine Learning Engineer and the Founder of Astrum AI Solutions. At Astrum AI Solutions, we specialize in helping small to medium scale startups deploy end to end Machine Learning Solutions.

With 4+ years of experience as a Machine Learning Engineer, I specializes in building Object Recognition, Object Detection, Optical Character Recognition, and general Natural Language Processing related products. I am also well versed in Full-Stack Web Development.

Outside of work, I love mentoring aspiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. I have mentored more than 100 students from various backgrounds who are currently working as Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers.

  • Name: Mukesh Mithrakumar
  • Email: mukesh@mukeshmithrakumar.com

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Sr. Machine Learning Engineer


• Spearheaded the development and deployment of a suite of customer relationship management algorithms that brought in annual revenue of over 10 million. The algorithms create an omnichannel digital marketing and sales strategy targeted at healthcare providers based on future revenue generation to influence buyer decisions. Customers have seen on average a 120% year-over increase in revenue.

• Interface and communicate with teams across the business and with internal and external stakeholders and business partners to create machine learning solutions based on an understanding of business and technical priorities and act as a point of contact and thought leader for the team.

• Coach, mentor and led a team of 4 machine learning engineers to deliver business solutions.

• Designed, built, and productionized two recommender system architectures and a distributed temporal machine learning model in Kubeflow.

• Defined ML Ops practices and standards for Data and Model Testing, Validation, and Profiling.

• Used software design patterns, continuous integration, and development in the Scrum environment.

• Led full life cycle planning including sprint planning, code design and reviews and delivery of projects.

• Assisted in the migration of Airflow to Kubeflow.

Post 2021

MSc. in Computer Science and Management

Arizona State University and University of Illinois

Founder and Machine Learning Engineer

Astrum AI Solutions

• Worked with stakeholders ranging from product managers to VPs from different industries ranging from banking to recycling to identify Machine Learning opportunities and develop products that align with their strategy.

• Advised founders, product managers, and data scientists on framing machine learning problems within the business context to optimize for KPIs and ensure continuous improvement in ROI through long term strategies.

• Effectively managed a team of three developers to deliver APIs deployed in AWS on time.

• Developed Machine Learning models from inception to deployment and production for early-stage startups in the areas of text summarization using BERT, Optical Character Recognition for automatic check deposit, Object Detection for cardboard recycling and prescription pill detection, BigGAN for art generation and YOLO for Multiclass Vehicle and pedestrian tracking on edge.


Data Science Mentor

Thinkful & Springboard

• Mentor and coach mid-career professionals participating in Thinkful & Springboards' Data Science Program on technical topics, approaches, best practices in data science and fundamental software engineering principles.


BSc. in Physics, Emphasis on Electrical Engineering

South Dakota State University


My Skills

Programming Languages, Deep Learning & Machine Learning Frameworks, Database Management and Web Development Skills.



ML Ops

Airflow & KubeFlow










Open Source Projects

Big Data and Machine Learning: The Technologies shaping our life.


Software Package for Radiologists.

Tensorflow Scientific

Tensorflow Scientific Package


Keras Package for Object Detection.


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